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Xenos Games is a new company devoted game creation. Here you can find many resources related to game development. We offer free video tutorials that teach you how to use Discrete's 3ds Max, free textures for use in games and animation, and free game programming tutorials. Feel free to browse the site and download what you like. If you link to this site, please don't link directly to the files.

October 25, 2004:
I have uploaded the pictures from the merced boat races. You can find them here
I also uploaded the first video, of a new set of videos, on how to make the teeth and gums. You can find it in the tutorials section.
October 13, 2004:
I have uploaded the last part to the quad head tutorial. I hope you liked the tutorial, and I will be starting more tutorials as soon as school calms down. (lots of work to be done in the next month!)
October 7, 2004:
I have uploaded the boat pictures from Merced Lake races. you can view them here
October 4, 2004:
I just returned from the boat races at Merced Lake. I am in the process of uploading the pictures I took there, they should be up by thursday.
September 13, 2004:
I just uploaded a new part of the Quad head tutorial. In it I show how to make a quick uv map for the head.
August 5, 2004:
I just uploaded a new section of short requested tutorials. This new section is a place for me to put the special requests that people have made via email. These requests have been for short and specific video tutorials.
August 4, 2004:
I just finished another portion of the quad head tutorial. I have uploaded it to the tutorials section. In this update I show how to model a human ear.
August 2, 2004:
I just got back from Modesto Reservoir, and have many pictures of all the raceing boats that showed up. You can look at the images Here
July 20, 2004:
We are making some changes to the look and feel of the website. Don't worry if a few pages are unable to display, the tutorials will still be here for a long time to come. Also, if you are accessing the webpage late at night, you may be unable to get through. My bandwidth usage has been getting very close to, and sometimes exceeding the daily limit. If you are unable to get through, it is probably due to bandwidth overages. My host cuts off service until the next day if such an occurance happens. I am sorry if this is inconvenient.
July 19, 2004:
A new portion to the quad head tutorial was added. In this section, I walk you through creating an eye. I also give you a free eye texture for use in your own projects.

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