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Free Quad Head Modeling Video Tutorial
Welcome to my free quad head video tutorial. In this tutorial I show you how to use 3dsmax to model a 3d human head using 100% quads. I show how to create the textures, and show you my modeling technique that produces well behaved geometry.

I finally found it!! Way back in the day, when I was learning how to model a head in lightwave someone gave me a tutorial they found on the internet. I watched these tutorials sooo many times, and memorized every step. They had no audio, but the head that was made, was quite simply the best one I had ever seen from a tutorial. When I made this quad head tutorial, it was from the steps I memorized from this head tutorial. I think it would be helpful if I post a link to this sweet tutorial here, so people can learn from where I learned. If nothing else, you can get more than one source for this information. You can find this lightwave tutorial here

The video is broken into several different parts.
each part has it's own .rar file
you do not need to have all rar files in order to extract, but you will need them all in order to see the entire tutorial. Also if you get a corrupt header error, chances are you need a newer version of winrar.
(optional) using the symmetry modifier
The symmetry modifier is a great tool in max, if you have a version of max that has it, I reccomend using this video for setup.
intro and starting shape
This video shows you how to setup the box, and apply the subdivision surface modifiers to it.
basic head shape, and feature outline
This video shows how to make the basic shape of the head.
refine the lips
In this video, I show you how to shape the lips, and create the mouth cavity.
refine the nose
Next we make the nose look more realistic. We create the nostrils, and make sure our edge loops look good.
refine the eyes
Now we shape the eye lids and outline of the eyes.
make the ears, Here are the images used in the tutorial. There are 7 jpeg images of my ear zipped up in the link. Use them however you want. make the eyeballs
Here are the eye textures used in the tutorial. Use them however you want.
Now we start to uv map the head. We focus on making sure the uvmap does not overlap, and get ready to paint the texture. After we make the texture we will fine tune the uv map. In this tutorial, I texture the head with photoshop. You will need some source images of a head in order to texture your own head. I suggest trying 3d.sk. They have a large assortment of human reference images. It's not free, but it's not expensive.

after download, use winrar to de-compress the single wmv file stored in each rar file. Please note that you may need windows media player 9 to view this file.

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